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Woah Mumma!

"Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be." - Carrie Fisher

This stunning Mumma, Mandie, decided that for her 4th and final pregnancy she would get some special images captured as she didn't have the memories from her other baby bumps. I think it is safe to say she has no regrets! Isn't she just stunning!?

I did a mini interview with Mandie to get an idea how she decided to get photos, and why she chose me. What was it that made you want to get a Maternity photo session? “This was my 4th and final pregnancy and I had never had a Maternity photoshoot with any of my previous pregnancies, since this was definitely my last and I was enjoying this pregnancy I wanted something to look back on and remember and treasure. “ How did you go about choosing your photographer? ”As soon as I decided I wanted a Maternity shoot there was no question in using Michelle as the photographer, I never considered anyone else. I have known her for years as a fellow work colleague and have followed her photography journey and have been amazed by her skills and attention to detail.” What did the process feel like to you? From the conversation about where to get photos done to the actual photo session? ”Everything was super professional and I felt so relaxed during the photo session which was fantastic. Michelle came up with the great idea for location and we discussed outfits, ideas it was all really well planned and thought out. I was super nervous beforehand and this was the main reason I had never had a Maternity photoshoot before, the nervousness was overwhelming, I don't like being the centre of attention. It makes me uneasy and I didn't really enjoy being pregnant previously. Michelle was so calm and funny during shoot that I forgot I was even being photographed. It was such a lovely experience.” How did the images make you feel when you saw them for the first time? “I almost felt like I was looking at someone else, they were so stunningly beautiful I was in awe. The previews made me cry.” How do they make you feel now? “I have never felt so beautiful in my life and love my Maternity shots. They put a huge smile on my face whenever I look at them and make me miss being pregnant. I didn't know whether I was having a boy or a girl when I got the photos taken so it's nice looking at them and knowing now that I was carrying a precious wee girl.” Do you have any regrets about doing this photo session? ”Absolutely none, I wish now that I had done with my previous pregnancies.”

“I almost felt like I was looking at someone else, they were so stunningly beautiful I was in awe. The previews made me cry.”


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